See how to install Prat


Here are some ways to install Prat on your system.

Using the Ubuntu Software link

You can click on the link to install from Ubuntu Software. The following window may appear.

Select "Remember my choice for snap links." to set this option.

Click on "Open link"

Ubuntu Software will open. Click on "Install" button. Ubuntu will ask for your administrator password.


Searching on Ubuntu Software

If you want to search for "prat" on Ubuntu Software, click on the search icon at the top right corner of the Ubuntu Software window and type "prat" in the field that appears.


Now you can click on the "Install" button. Ubuntu will ask for your administrator password.

Downloaded package

Download the package in some place you can easily access through terminal, for example, on your Home folder. Enter that folder and type the following command:

sudo snap install --dangerous prat_18.01_64bit.snap

The option "--dangerous" is needed because the download Prat snap package can not be verified through the public Ubuntu store. Note that the example above shows how to install the package "prat_18.01_64bit.snap". If you want to install another package (other version) you need to change the command accordingly to the package you are installing.

After typing the command, press Enter. The terminal will ask your administrator password. Type your administrator password and press Enter again.

Development version

You can install the beta (development, unstable) version of Prat. First, remove the version you have installed:

sudo snap remove prat

And then install the beta version with the following command:

sudo snap install prat --beta

macOS Sierra (3 steps)

➊ Download the package

If you are using Safari, probably the file is saved on your "Downloads" folder.

➋ Unpack the file zip

Depending on your system configurations, you can run Prat from any folder you have access. But maybe it is better to put Prat in the same place as the other system applications.

➌ Drag to the Applications folder

Depending on your system configuration, you may not have access to add applications on the Applications folder. In this case, ask your system administrator to allow you. Also, your system may block you to install applications that are not from the official store. You can change this on System Preferences. If you have difficulties with macOS or need more information, get help from Apple.

➍ Disable GateKeeper

Open the "Terminal" application.

If you are not able to run Prat on High Sierra, you need to disable GateKeeper, as Prat is not a signed app. Type the following command:

sudo spctl --master-disable

Go to the directory where you placed As a reference, if it is "Applications", you would type the following:

cd /Applications

Run Prat:

open -a

Reenable GateKeeper with the following command:

sudo spctl --master-enable