Before you continue, keep in mind that Prat is not a software for the general public.


Prat is a software to aid in creating forms, tables and general documents to use in the congregation and on it's announcements board.

Absolutely accessible

Prat do not rely on complicated, expensive, slow, unstable and insecure operating systems. It runs on Linux: you can use Prat on any modern desktop computer.


Easy to use interface, focus on what is most important

The relevant information is well placed. You just need to focus on the assignments. But if you want to change the activity, just click on the left button that gives you access to any part of Prat.

Beautiful editable documents

The documents you generate on Prat are well designed and can be easily edited on your favorite Open Document Format office suite.

Treasures from God's Word

Prat can access the Workbook information and help you to assign brothers to this meeting.

Apply yourself to the Field Ministry

The lists of students are arranged according to their capabilities.

Living as Christians

You can see the part's information, for example, the source and the time.

Public Meeting

All of the talks are listed and can be easily selected.

The Watchtower Study

Prat can take the source of the studies from Watchtower magazine.


Assign groups of attendants for the meetings

Audio operators

Assign groups of audio operators for the meetings.

Ministry activities

You can use Prat to help you register the publishers reports.

Publisher records

An easy way to see the information, like Publisher Record Card.

Congregation information

Fill the congregation information in order to use in various documents.


Prat can help you with the publishers information.


Keep a list of the congregation groups.


An easy way to register the donations and the bills.


The place where you will generate the documents and emails.

Does not require using unsafe popular operating systems

Prat was developed for those who use the Linux operating system, which means that it can be used on any modern desktop computer. Therefore, Prat has the great advantage of not relying on expensive, complicated, slow, unstable and insecure operating systems.

Fully compatible and customizable documents

The documents generated by Prat follow the Open Document Format standard, which means that they can be viewed and edited in any office suite that follows this international standard. You can adjust and change anything in the generated documents, according to your need.

No congregational information in the cloud

Prat does not leave congregational data in the cloud. The information used in Prat is as secure as your operating system can maintain.


Prat is able to be up to date with meetings content, even if your computer does not have an internet connection.

Prat is available for Linux and Windows.

If you find a bug or want new features to be added, please contact us using our GitLab Service Desk or sending us an email.

Prat is not a cloud based service and does not colect sensitive information. Read the Terms and conditions.